LifeItaly was born from the idea of ​​proposing typical food products of Italian cuisine in Switzerland by 'aware consumers' as their motto is in fact: "we are what we eat".

The brand name is the simple 'fusion' of two English words: LIFEITALY . Its meaning is the synthesis of the philosophy of modern man, which makes Mediterranean cuisine a real 'lifestyle'. A journey through traditions, memories and delights with many typical Italian products that narrate the territories and the people who inhabit them, who care for them, cultivate them and feed them with care.

LifeItaly is inspired by keywords such as originality, responsibility and quality. This is why it is constantly looking for food specialties of Italian gastronomy, carefully selected from producers who still work as in the past, by hand and with quality raw materials.

LifeItaly chooses to keep up with the times, without losing sight of the importance of proposing the best of artisan products linked to the territory, to good Italian cuisine and culinary traditions.

Choose, click and taste!

Like a true gourmet traveler, take a journey through the specialties of the typical products of Italian and Sicilian cuisine that LifeItaly has selected with care and passion. You will also find a section dedicated to organic, wholemeal and vegetarian products. Experience the real taste of food by visiting our online store.

Make yourself comfortable and let yourself be moved… you are about to fill up on flavours! Some unknown and others now forgotten, because the tastiest adventures begin with a click, without leaving home and continue in front of the stove, word of LifeItaly !

Now, it's time to dive into the products! Let's start with pasta, the national dish par excellence! Short, long, perforated, made of durum or wholemeal wheat. The condiment, which makes this food unique, and which gives an innovative touch to traditional recipes. Extra virgin olive oil, an indispensable product in the kitchen. A Wine list in which LifeItaly elects well-known and lesser-known wineries, but all located in the prestigious vineyards of our beautiful region. From reds, whites, rosés and sparklings enlivened by bubbles. And much more!

Scroll through the tasting menu calmly, make your mouth water, but above all read carefully all the necessary information… nobody rushes you because the LifeItaly Online Store NEVER CLOSES!

Fill your pantry at any time of day or night. Browse the categories, select the products… et voilà, the shopping is done!