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Swordfish and aubergine sauce for pasta salads

The ready-to-use swordfish and aubergine sauce is a condiment designed for first courses. But we like to use it for pasta salads, especially in the summer. You can try it with caserecce, a pasta shape of Sicilian origin, but also with the more popular linguine. 

Sardines and wild fennel sauce - A sauce that means Sicily

The "pasta chi' sardi" is perhaps the most characteristic recipe of the Sicilian culinary tradition. It combines two simple ingredients such as wild fennel and sardines in the dish, which blend elegantly in our ready-to-eat sauce. It is perfect with long pasta, such as spaghetti or bucatini.

Cuttlefish ink sauce with pasta, gnocchi and risotto

Black is said to go with everything, the same goes for cuttlefish ink. Linguine is the format that goes best with this sauce, but our tasty sauce is perfect to combine with potato gnocchi or to cook extraordinary risotto with cuttlefish ink quickly and easily.

Pistachio pesto to season fresh pasta

Prepared only with oil and salt, Santoro Pistachio Pesto is waiting to meet your creativity. Some idea? We love it for seasoning busiate, a type of fresh pasta typical of Trapani. In this case, add a handful of pistachios, ground in a mortar, for a grainier texture. You can embellish the dish with EVO oil and a little pecorino.

Green olive paté - On grilled vegetables with sardines and mozzarella

Grilled vegetables are a light dish that becomes delicious with green olive paté. Use it as a garnish and you'll add a touch of flavor to the vegetables. You can enrich the dish with other simple ingredients: salted sardines, fantastic with peppers; or the fiordilatte mozzarella, to try with Santoro green olive paté and grilled courgettes.

Garlic, oil and hot pepper

Spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper are a poor dish, prepared when there is nothing left in the pantry but aromas. This doesn't stop you from enriching it with some personal touches, without compromising the spirit of the recipe. After combining the Santoro ready sauce with the al dente drained pasta, you can add notes of freshness with a little chopped parsley.

The legume soup as you never imagined it

Would you ever think of legume soup when you open the chili paté? Once the soup is cooked, add a teaspoon of our paté. Sprinkle with black pepper and serve. Any leftovers can be reused to cook a pasta, just add hot water and bring to a boil.

Porcini mushroom pesto

A condiment used on pasta, but also inside pasta. If you love stuffed first courses, pesto with porcini mushrooms will surprise you with the richness it can give to cannelloni or lasagne. Do you prefer to try it with a second course? Meat rolls are the recipe you are looking for!

Fennel is the secret ingredient that enhances many traditional Sicilian dishes. A suggestion that also applies to bruschetta and sandwiches spread with porcini pesto. Chop the fennel and sprinkle your appetizers, remembering to add a few whole leaves to add notes of perfume and colour.

Spade tagliatelle and fresh thyme

We think that fresh pasta is ideal for picking up the taste of sausage and mushroom sauce. The tagliatelle are perfect: cook them in salted water, drain them while still al dente in a pan where you have heated the sauce for a couple of minutes. Add a spoonful of cooking water, then plate and pour a drizzle of raw oil and a pinch of thyme, preferably fresh.

Standard sauce to give a personal touch to organic Riggi durum wheat pasta

In a few simple steps you can give a personal touch to your pasta alla Norma. In a pan, heat the sauce for a few minutes over a very low heat, then drain the pasta while it is still al dente. Add fresh basil leaves and then grate plenty of ricotta salata on the plate.

Try the Sicilian Pesto with Riggi organic pasta casarecce

Recommended for this condiment are caserecce, a fresh pasta common in many areas of Sicily. They cook in a few minutes, so we advise you to drain them al dente directly into a pan where you have poured a few spoonfuls of Santoro Sicilian Pesto. Do not throw away the cooking water: you will need it to give the sauce the right softness. You can garnish with some basil leaves.

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